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Bevu's Mission!

Bevu's mission is to provide affordable and innovative solutions for improving the Health and Wellness of humanity. We offer a portfolio of products and services aimed at providing sustainable solutions to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Bevu's Origin!

At the heart of this great organization lies a true story of Belief, Determination, Art of Giving, Enhancement of Health & Wellness and Noble Commerce. The Founding Director Mr. Srini Desikamani after living in the USA for 15 years, gave up his fledging and flourishing Human Capital Management profession to pursue his passion of uplifting the Health and Wellness of humanity and give back to the community which forms the backbone of India’s economy – the Farming community.

His soul mate Ms. Yamuna Srinidhi who is an acclaimed Dancer/Choreographer of international repute decided to follow her husband to support his dream. Their drive took them on a survey trip of over 100 villages in Karnataka and they learnt that the income of average farmer was very low (even for someone with 4-5 acres of land) and the farmers barely made their ends meet and to meet any additional expense they were forced to sell their property. Srinidhi & Yamuna's resolve grew even stronger to give back to the farming community.
Srinidhi started doing research on how he could improve the health and wellness of the community around him and also what would benefit the farming community in way of supplementing their income. He chanced upon an article talking about the wonderful benefits of Noni and what caught his eye was Noni's reduction of chronic pain and Diabetes. Right around that time a dear friend of Srinidhi who was suffering from chronic back pain for many years, started talking about a wonder fruit and how its juice was working as a miracle potion and helped greatly in the reduction of his chronic pain. This ticked Srinidhi's interest and upon further enquiring he found that it was in fact Noni that his friend was using. He started digging deep into the other benefits of this miracle fruit and God Oh God, the benefits seemed were endless. Chronic Pain relief was just one of the benefits of what Noni had to offer. Noni's usage has been seen as beneficial for people with symptoms of Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Obesity, Gout, Depression, Stress, fatigue, Smoking and loads of others common ailments. 
Testimonials of Noni usage started pouring from people all over the world, however it was not easy to get the purest form of this juice in India and he had to go through various sources to get his hand on a bottle of Noni from abroad. This is when a plan was put in place to bring the benefits of this wonder fruit in a very pure form to uplift the health of the people and make it easily accessible. What more, they make different formulations with Noni to enhance its already super abilities. This is by no means a medicine nor is a cure all but history, cultures, stats and testimonials are replete with the miraculous effects of this fruit. Indian culture regards Azadirachta indica (Neem in Hindi and Bevu in Kannada language) as a “Panacea for all Diseases”. They choose the name Bevu to justify the path of their vision.
These self-motivated entrepreneurs with a vision to promote the cultivation of alternative medicinal crops, aim to supplement the farmers income by providing training in the areas of technical know-how on these medicinal plants, land development assistance, organic cultivation and buy back agreements. They have started their journey and have come to their motherland and want to contribute to our society in a positive way with the objectives that they have set out to achieve. A portion of all sales go into the many social responsibilities they have undertaken.
Medicinal Plant Preservation,Cultivation and Formulation

BeVu specializes in preservation and cultivation of medicinal crops from all over the world through advanced and alternate crop growth strategies. With the  mission of carrying out noble commerce, BeVu plans to empower the farming community by providing them advanced and alternate crop growth strategies to supplement their income.

BeVu's mission is to provide affordable and innovative solutions for improving the Health and Wellness of humanity. They plan to achieve this by recruiting, promoting and supporting the cultivation of medicinal crops through a new generation of farmers. They employ advanced and avant-garde cultivation techniques, providing technical guidance and turnkey farming solutions that increase the odds for success and enhance the financial and social lives of Indian farmers.

We at BeVu respect Mother Earth and have undertaken a mission to Save Mother Earth and in turn create a Healthy environment for generations to come through our Organic methodologies.