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Noni Phenomena

Humanity has witnessed an era of genesis, the stone ages, numerous civilizations of growth and prosperity but none more treacherous and full of vengeful debilitating conditions like the modern age. We are plagued with Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Chronic pain, Stress and numerous other emerging health conditions. In times of health doom and gloom, we present an exciting new health drink combining Noni (a tropical fruit used for centuries by various cultures to treat a wide array of disorders including the ones named above) and super ayurvedic herbs. Currently hundreds of thousands of people all over the world are tapping into the healing powers of juice. We don't want you to be left behind.

There is no substitute to following a good exercise regime, good nutrition and good dietary habits leading to a good health and wellness lifestyle. People have added several forms of spiritual and holistic avenues for general well-being as well. Many external and internal factors influence our state of weel-being. Factors like : the conditions we live in, the society around us, our work culture, the love we receive, the food that we eat, the exercise regime (or lack thereof) that we follow. All these lead to emotional stress, depression and the onset of many dreadful ailments that many can’t escape from. The effect of the onset of chronic diseases is profound and modern medicine despite the many medicines does not have a cure or it comes with a bagful of side effects. So here we are presenting you an excellent opportunity to join the thousands of people who are aware of the age old secret benefits of naturally available NONI.

  • What Exactly is Noni and what are its Health Benefits?
    Noni or Morinda Citrifolia come from the family Rubiaceae, which is comprised of about 80 species of plants. Only 20 of those have been identified as beneficial today. The noni shrub can grow as high as 20 feet with little to no human aid. The flowers of this plant turn into a pitted fruit which when ripe has a Yellow-Whitish skin and becomes translucent. The amazing property is this plant produces fruit all year-round.

    When Noni is included in your health plan, it can work wonders and can enhance one's life by increasing energy levels, relieving chronic pain, strengthening the immune system and preventing the onset of various diseases and disorders. The following table illustration gives the healing powers of Noni:

    Reduced the following Symptoms Increased or Improved

    Heart Disease

    Energy Levels

    Diabetes Type 1 and 2


    High Blood Pressure

    Muscle building



    Chronic Pain


    Obesity/Weight Loss

    Mental Alertness

    Common Children’s ailments

    Kidney Health


    General Well-Being

  • One common question that many new and curious users have is "How can Noni help treat so many ailments" ?
    Well known Physician and global nutritional consultant Dr. Neil Solomon has spent a lifetime on research and documenting the healing powers of Noni answers thus – Noni has shown to possess many health-promoting characteristics all of which contribute to its effectiveness against a variety of health conditions, one of the most important is that of being an Adoptogen. An adoptogen helps the body adopt to the problems present through a number of processes and help to fight diseases at the cellular level. This helps the body in reversing one or more of those conditions.
  • What does Noni contain?
    Noni Contains an identified 160+ Neutraceuticals and a number of other substances that play a pivotal role in maintaining and promoting good health –17 Amino Acids, various Enzymes, Anti-oxidants, Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins and Alkaloid Xeronine. In addition it helps stimulate the production of nitric Oxide which provides the body with numerous health benefits.
  • Can it Really improve your health?
    History and cultures are replete with 1000's of testimonials on how Noni has treated and improved people's health over the centuries. Incorporating your lifestyle by supplementing with natural product like Noni can prove very beneficial. Noni is now gaining strong acceptance in all parts of the world now. Be part of this phenomenon.
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  • Why Bevu Noni is unique?

    Along with the immense beneficial properties of Noni, Bevu Noni now adds time tested and proven super Ayurvedic herbs to give you a unique and potent wellness drink suitable for ages 2 and above. We follow a scientific and Ayurvedic extraction and formulation under strict quality and safety guidelines.