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"I was first introduced to Noni juice by my bharatanatyam teacher, Yamuna Srindhi. She was drinking this juice daily and was always full of energy whenever I saw her. Once I began my arangetram practices, I could feel my energy levels begin to drop incredibly and I quickly became stressed. I asked her if I could drink this juice to see if it would help me. She immediately offered some, and I drank it. The effects came instantly and were tremendous! I was able to dance for 2 hours straight that day without feeling tired afterward. Following these fantastic results, I began to drink the juice every day before my practice. I could feel my energy level increasing and my stress level dropping rapidly. The juice was very tasty as well, and I always looked forward to drinking it. The Noni juice helped me prepare for my arangetram,and I wish I could drank it everyday. It is very delicious and the after effects are amazing!"