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Unlocking the Benefits of Noni

Part I - The Immune system advantage and Diabetes reduction
The guidelines for reducing diabetes risk are consistent with the guidelines for coronary heart disease prevention, cancer prevention as well as general health promotion.

The basis for good health is good nutrition, regular exercise, maintaining an ideal body weight and, most importantly, a first-rate immune system. Our health is directly influenced by our immune system. The onset of almost all infectious and degenerative disease is preceded or accompanied by inadequate immune response. The immune system is not responsive to drugs for healing.

Antibiotics and treatments used to fight infections and illnesses actually depress the immune system when used long-term. But the natural nutritive forces of Noni can and do support the immune system. By rebuilding immunity, health is naturally restored and disease disappears. If health and immunity are thereafter conscientiously maintained, the individual is no longer vulnerable to disease. It is never too late to enjoy the health benefit that taking a daily dose of Noni Juice gives you. With the correct diet, exercise and by drinking Noni Juice daily, the immune system can be restored and maintained at a level that provides good health well into the Golden Years.

Part II - Noni Juice and Antioxidants

India’s respected Ex-President Abdul Kalam is cognizant of Noni’s rich Anti-Oxidant properties and has been consuming Noni juice for the past many years.

Noni juice is very powerful all natural antioxidant. It contains vitamin A, C and E as well as polysaccharides or Noni PPT, plus other compounds found to have antioxidant activity. This is confirmed by a number of studies done in vivo and in vitro. One study stated “…the results show a strong oxygen superoxide scavenging activity in the extracts from… M. Citrifolia (Noni). A 2005 study confirmed these results and “…found (Noni) to be a potent antioxidant. Another study then also looked at the effective anti-oxidant properties of one brand of noni juice, (via LPO and TNB-SAR assays) comparing with the free-radical properties of vitamin C, grape seed powder (GSP), and pycnogenol (PYC) at the daily dose per serving level recommended by U.S. RDAs or manufacturers. This noni juice brand was shown to be more effective than all three. The findiings of this study are really quite something. The French have known of the antioxidant properties of red wine for a long time. Even with a rich diet comparable with most western countries, their heart disease is much lower, because of their large consumption of red wine. Grape seed powder has been used for a long time as a health supplement and is a super antioxidant that treats obesity, diabetes and liver problems. France has another seemingly miraculous antioxidant, pycnogenol. This powerhouse is extracted from the bark of a particular pine tree, found on the southern coasts of France. Pycnogenollis saiid to be 50 tiimes more potent than Vitamin C. The above study is significant enough to give Noni the thumbs up in the antioxidant category.


Part III - Noni as Adoptogen

Noni has been shown to possess several specific health-promoting characteristics, all of which contribute to its effectiveness against a variety of conditions. One of the most important characteristics is that of being an Adoptogen. Just as its name an Adoptogen helps the body adopt to the problems present through a number of processes. Research indicates that Noni may help fight disease at the cellular level, aiding malfunctioning or sick cells by helping them regain their normal function. This in turn helps the body to eventually reverse out one or more conditions.

For more in-depth explanations as to how Noni may treat such an impressive array of health conditions, refer to our section on ‘Health Watch’.