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Who can defy death but we sure can look younger longer!!
Founder, Bevu

As the age increasing, one notices the skin losing its glow and becoming dry and rough. This is due to decrease in the moisture content of the stratum corneum or to a decrease in vertical height of epidermal cells. 
Decrease in the number of Langerhans cells decreases the skins immune response. The reduction of Melanin and decreased immunity, increases the risk for tumorigenesis.


In elderly persons the  dermis has a decreased density with fewer cells and blood vessels. The total amount of collagen decreases one percent per year in adulthood. Therefore the skin thickness decreases linearly with age after 20. The remaining collagen fibres become thicker, less soluble and more resistant to digestion by collagenase with age.

Hair graying occurs due to loss of functional melanocytes. Of course heredity also plays an important role in hair graying. A decrease in the number of hair follicles in the scalp increases baldness.

Collagen is one of the compounds of connective tissue which occurs not only within the dermis layer of the skin but also found in every organ and structure of human body. Connective tissue is composed of collagen fibres, elastic and the extracellular matrix but the amount and conformation of collagen is different in any given tissue.

Although flexible, collagen fibres offer a great resistance to any pulling force. Collagen fibres are fairly simple proteins and are made up of chains of amino acids. Amino acids are delivered from circulation to the cell called fibrocytes that manufacture collagen. The three important nutrients of collagen namely glycine, hydroxyproline, hydroxylysine are naturally present in Noni. Very rarely any other animal protein contains all the three of these nutrients.


With aging this collagen simply becomes metabolically inert. It loses its responsiveness, flexibility, fluidity, and strength. In the skin, the change in the quality of our collagen manifest as a loss of smoothness, plumpness, and luster. These changes are modifiable and largely preventable. Noni when used both internally and externally promotes the maintenance of healthy skin. Apart from protection it also helps to absorb nutrients.