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Let your enemy be someone your own size, we will handle the smaller ones!!
Founder, Bevu

Pathogenic invaders such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites are responsible for a multitude of our most common health complaints. From the common cold to flesh-eating bacteria to HIVV, these tricky and sometimes deadly invaders pose a very real threat to our health and well-being. In response to this threat, people through the ages have looked for effective ways to fight infection.

Role of Noni

Noni has been used for various centuries for various health problems, including infections by numerous cultures. Botanist Julia Morton explains that Noni has been used in the Philippines as a Vermifuge (an agent that helps aid the body in expelling parasites) and for relieving conditions such as boils, carbuncles and stomach ulcers (often caused by bacteria) in Hawaii. She also notes that Noni was used to treat ringworm, boils, ulcers, wounds and as a potent insecticidal wash. Numerous other historical accounts back noni’s ability to fight bacteria and viral invaders.  From Guam to India to the West Indies Noni has been used to treat infected ulcers, wounds, boils, skin diseases, sinus infections and other problems caused by infections. Further Noni has been reported to fight abscesses, mouth/gum infections, colds, flu and other upper respiratory tract infections to relieving symptoms of urinary tract infections and to speed the healing of wounds.

How Does Noni fight the PATHOGENS

Noni stimulates the production of various immune agents including Nitric Oxide, Interleukin 1, Interleukin 2, Interleukin 4, Interleukin 10, Interleukin 12, Interferon and lipopolysaccharide most of which help fight many pathogens whether they be viral, bacterial, cancerous, parasitic or fungal. Another recent study also indicates that Scopoletin, a health-promoting agent found in Noni may inhibit the activity of E.Coli, commonly associated with recent outbreaks resulting in hundreds of serious infections and even death.

Noni aids the body in strengthening and stimulating its various immune systems, thereby adding valuable protection against pathogenic agents like bacteria, virus, cancerous cells, fungi and other parasites. Noni’s principal method of fighting the aforementioned pathogenic agents is its immunostimulatory ability.